Awaken Gift Box

Awaken Gift Box


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Awaken is the pep me up you need to get through the day. We have combined Pink Grapefruit, Lemon, Peppermint and Sweet Orange essential oils to awaken and invigorate. Pink Grapefruit has the ability to energise and revive the mind, Lemon, known as ‘Liquid Sunshine’, refreshes the spirit and uplifts the mood. Peppermint improves clarity of mind, focus and concentration and Sweet orange promotes an uplifting boost, with a refreshing aroma making it a fantastic for tiredness and fatigue.

The Awaken Wellness Gift Box  includes –

1 x Awaken 25hr Candle

1 x Awaken 300g Bath Salts

1 x Awaken 200ml Room Mist

1 x Awaken 10ml Perfume Oil



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